Monday, January 29, 2007

Ten things with T

Lime tagged me to list ten of my favorite things that begin with the Letter T. They are not listed in favorite to least favorite, I just put them in as they came to my head. So here goes....

Toddlers: children are fun but to me the toddler age is the most fun because they are this beautiful blend of baby and little person. They are learning new things everyday, they develop a personality that is uniquely them. They start stretching their boundaries, minds, and abilities. Yes it can be called the terrible twos and tyrant threes but as much as it is a lot of work on the Adult/parent end it is still an absolutely beautiful and wonderful time.

Typing: for some reason I have always enjoyed typing. I know it is strange and for people who have to do it alot day in and day out they might be rolling their eyes. I love it! Ever since I started typing I cannot seem to do anything handwritten much anymore. I write all my journals, letters, and fiction pieces in binary! It is like sitting at a mechanical piano, closing your eyes and letting your fingers fly over the keys to make music in the literary form. Sure you will mess up at times but that is part of the experience and that is what spell check is for!

Tap dance: I love to hear tap, watch tap, and try to tap! I wish I was better at tap dancing. I took some lessons last year until I injured my ankle and I have not been back. I always enjoyed the Shirley Temple movies when she would do a tap number. I love to listen to tap even on my Ipod because my imagination fills in the mental image needed. Tap is definitely my favorite form of dance next to ...the Tango (another T!)

Tuesday: if you all had not figured it out by now, I have a thing for Tuesdays. I am trying to show Tuesdays more love and more recognition. I gave a gift to a coworker last Tuesday for Happy Tuesday. I love to read Lime's Trini Tuesdays. I just think Tuesday needs abit more love...LOL

Treadmills: I do like treadmills. Most people of course do not like treadmills but I think they are a fabulous invention especially the ones at my gym because they have a television on them! I can go and be on the treadmill for an hour and a half and it seems like nothing because I was watching "How do I look?" and "Flip that House." and such. Sure it is not as good as actually walking outside but you have the benefits of hills, flat, and fast all in one machine that is heated in the winter and A.C.ed in the summer! Whoo hoo for pampered fitness!

Two/Three hole punch: I know you are all thinking...what? But in my career (accounting) there is backup galore and they all have to go in folders with either three prong or two prong so the electric two/three hole punch is one of my favorite office friends. It makes it so much easier when you have a stack of papers rivaling the height of the empire state building. Pop papers in and push the button. Whirrr, crunch, punch and whamo you have beautiful straight holes! Yeah baby!

Towels: I like big ones too! I like to disappear into my towels once exiting the shower. I have to use two as well. One for my hair and the other for my body. I am picky enough that I don't want them too soft because then you don't get dry but I don't like them too coarse either...I am such a princess LOL

Tea: sweet, iced tea preferably. It is a thing of the south ;) Red Diamond, Milos, and Publix is yummy! There is nothing like a good glass of sweet tea, especially in the summer when the humidity is thick enough to cut with a knife.

Tax: I like tax because...just kidding!

Toothbrush and paste: I hate the dentist so I definitely love my toothbrush and toothpaste! Even when I went camping I could have gone without a regular bathroom and such but I would have had to brush my teeth. Plus there is nothing like a kiss after both people have just brushed their teeth!

Trees: No I am not a treehugger but I do love trees. They are so beautiful in so many different ways. They have the blossoms of beauty in the spring that blend into the varied greens of summer. In fall they triumph one last time in a shout of orange, reds, and yellow before giving way to winter's dormant but even then when the night is falling and the sky is painted with the reds, yellows and oranges that once adorned the trees, the black outline against the sky of the stark limbs gives tribute to the beauty that was there and will be there again.

So there are ten (and one fake) things that I like that start with T. Anyone else want to do such? Let me know and I will tag you as well!

Thanks Lime!


Anonymous said...

I'm a new visitor and I get to be first.Wow!
I see lime didn't waste anytime tagging someone did she?

I've thoroughly enjoyed reading your answers, it's especially nice to know you listen to Tap on your ipod. I can see it now, question to salesclerk at music store, do you have Taps greatest hits?

It is anyway a lost artfrom and when done professionally is a wonderful thing to watch.

Ameratis said...

Thanks for visiting! I added you to the side link hooray!

Tap is actually making a comeback in the dance industry through jazz tap and hiphop tap so maybe it will keep growing back to popularity!

I have asked stranger things in music stores but now that I have Itunes I don't have to get the "you are insane" looks whoo hoo!

Sal said...

Three cheers for Tuesday. You know there is a TNMI Tuesday? You should play sometime. *grin* … I treadmill while watching the evening news. I like trees until I have to trim them LOL ... Cool ist Darlin

lime said...

wild list ameratis! thanks for playing. you have such a cute accountant's streak that is so evident in your list.....but that tax thing....yikes! lol

glad i can make your tuesdays' a little brighter, some weeks it is tough coming up with something to post.

Ameratis said...

Sal, Tuesday thanks you LOL I have seen the TMI or whatever but I am trying to think of something else for Tuesday. I always enjoy readin yours though ;)

Thanks for tagging me. It was fun! As for your Trini Tuesday they are always fun, I think my favorite lately has been when you discussed queues. That was a great post!

Anonymous said...

I followed Topcat in here. I saw the comment you left on his blog regarding comment whores. I'm a comment pimp. I thought that since half of his comments were from you, I may as well leave you one. :)

Nice, colorful blog. Shiny things and all. I hope I didn't knock anything over.

Anonymous said...

great list !

David said...

Hmm... a towel could be a blanket for you. Using two towels... that would be like two bedspreads for you, and one hanging on your head?