Wednesday, January 31, 2007

I know I am sad but....

First: Happy Hump Day everyone!

So last night between work and rehearsal, The Brother called me and asked me to watch Mr. Nephew and Beautiful Baby for abit while he ran to find something to fix a water leak. So I stopped by and found my two favorite boys in the world. Both of whom gave me bright smiles! Then Mr. Nephew wanted to play his video game.
I was up for this and decided it should not be too hard. So after doting on Beautiful Baby, trying to figure out the remote, banging the remote a few times against the wall, kicking the television....ok maybe not the last two, but finally figuring out how to turn the stupid thing on we started playing.
I sat back with Beautiful Baby and watch Mr. Nephew since he was first player.
Mr. Nephew explained to me exactly what we were supposed to do then proceeded to tear through the first level as if he were breathing. Obviously he has played this a few...billion...times. Plus he is very good at video and computer games to be only 5! Of course, this Imp is thinking...a 5 year old can do problemo!

My turn.

Yeah I sucked!

Mr. Nephew, being the ever loving, tactful...ok more like brutally honest... child he is, made sure to point out that I sucked.

He laughed.

His father taught him that!



Game on little boy!

So for the next thirty minutes we tore Spongebob(him) and Danny Phantom(me) through each level. The little bugger even tackled me during my turns. Jumping on my head, covering my eyes, and punching me, he tried to cheat.

Luckily for me...he is push and he was flying to the other side of the couch!

It was not easy to manuver boats, avoid flashlight holding bad guys, get points and find all the keys with a five year old covering your eyes and kicking your ribs!

But this Imp prevailed!
In case you cannot read the somewhat blurry picture it says
Spongebob: 743
Danny Phantom: 992

Take that little boy!
Even with him cheating I still beat him!
Oh yeah, this Imp did a victory dance!

Yes I know it is sad to take such joy in victory against a 5 year old....but you would have too!!!


jillie said...

You have to take those victories ANY WAY YOU CAN....LMAO.

My niece and nephew use to think it was SO funny that they could beat the pants off of their aunt.

I showed them...shut them up and yes, I even did a victory dance...

Happy Hump Day back at ya!

Top cat said...

Congrats on you victory imp.
You deserved to win in spite of all the obstacles your nephew placed in front of you, you unfamiliarity with the game and the fact you were tired from eating too many candy bars.
I'd love to have seen that victory dance.Whoo hoo!

Happy Hump Day!:)

Ameratis said...

The victory dance was fabulous! You missed a sight. Me and the eighteen month old shook our booties at the 5 yr old and I said "Oh yeah, 992 points, take that little boy"

I am trying to teach my nephew how to be humble :)

Jillie: Thanks for coming by and yes you have to take your victories where you can these days! Kids are so much more technologically savy then we older folks are.

Top cat said...

Sgt Topcat of the Blog Patrol at your service miss!
I understand there may be an incident of possible hairpulling going on.

Ameratis said...

Yes Sgt.

Much hairpulling due to it being the last day of the month and the stupidity to choose accounting as a profession.

So far no civilans have been injured though some may be in harms way (or wished harms way)

Top cat said...

well good luck with that accounting thang m'am.
If I can be of any further assistance please call Blog Patrol 911.
We'll have a scout car passing through the area every now and then just to ease your mind.

Top cat said...

are the numbers done yet?
I'm hungry.

Ameratis said...

No and I am truly pulling my hair out now! Ugh! I should have stayed in the nanny business!

Breazy said...

Hey Imp! I suck at games except for SSX Tricky on PS2, now I can kick some serious booty on that game! Have a good day!

Top cat said...

can we go home now?

Ameratis said...

Well I am almost done, amen! And only half of my hair was pulled out, but now on to dress rehearsal! :) That will be fun! Thank for patrolling Sgt. Topcat

Top cat said...

I almost hear a sigh of relief.
Just doin our job miss imp.

You scared my dog.

You're leaving work and you're just now thinking about getting dressed?

Have fun, please blog about all this rehearsal stuff when you find time.

Top cat said...

someone left a furball on your desk, just think of it as a good morning greeting.
Hope you have a better today.