Thursday, January 25, 2007


No I promise every HNT is not going to be a collage but I couldn't resist another one. I was fooling around one day and took this picture myself...well with a timer of course. Then I was playing with Picasa and thought about all the movies you see that has the diva having different hued pictures of herself. So I thought this one appropriate. Though I am not a diva I like to think I am at times :)



Breazy said...

Very nice ! You are a very beautiful woman! HHNT!

Sal said...

What a cute diva you are. HHNT!

Mark Leslie said...

What a wonderful shot - you took it yourself? It looks professionally done. And the colours are pretty darn cool, no need to apologize for a great collage of a beautiful woman.

Anonymous said... don't look like an imp, well sort of, around the eyes, no not around the eyes, the little twinkle in the eyes, yeah..that's it.