Friday, January 12, 2007


YAY it is Friday!


Well there is one sad thing...Sexy Boyfriend is still sick :(

But as for me I am going to PARTAY!!

No I am not very nice I don't know why he sticks with me lol.

Tonight I am going to an open house at a local art gallery. One of my theatre friend's wife is showcasing her art and I think it will be loads of fun!

Tomorrow I have auditions for Steel Magnolias. At first I wasn't going to audition but then I decided to give it a go. I am going to audition for the 19 yr old assistant Annavelle. I am kinda excited now :)

Then tomorrow night I have a party to which I am going that is British themed! It is a dress up birthday party so I am going as Lily Allen the British pop artist. I am excited. It is one of my theatre friend's birthday so we will all be speaking in different English accents. It will be blast :)

I hope I can make myself look like her. I like her music and she has just made a breakout in America but is big in Britian from what I understand.

I will try to take pictures and post them for all to see and compare LOL.

Everybody have a great weekend! I am going to leave you all with a montage that I did with some of my photos. As you all know I love taking pictures and these are some that you have seen before but I edited them and put them into a "in my humble but correct opinion" really nifty montage!


Sal said...

I thought I commented Friday? Hmmm, I hope you did take pics!

HotstuffFiles said...

Do you like stealing others' bandwith when you have an image upload facility?