Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Adventures of Christmas

Let me first put the disclaimer that I know my background picture says 2005 but this was the best picture I liked and I didn't feel like editing it LOL. So just look at the picture and ignore the year. Very good.

Now unto my Christmas Adventures!

So I had my birthday party Thursday night and it went fabulous but I could not find my camera so no pics...sorry :(
But the lack of the camera is what started my Christmas adventures. I looked everywhere that night for it (which shouldn't have been hard since my entire apt. is only 687 sq. ft.) and I finally gave up that night so I could spend time with friends. I was up late, of course, but then actually dragged butt out of bed on time for my busy schedule Friday. The schedule was:
1. Make sure everything is packed
2. Pack up Mr. Kitty.
3. Go pick up Mr. Nephew and Beautiful Baby
4. Drive to grandparents house in MS
5. Enjoy Christmas

Well, I being the picture freak that I am spent the first 45 minutes I was awake searching for my camera, even drove to work to see if I had for some odd reason left it there, and then finally found it in a coat pocket of all crazy places. So I was already behind a tight schedule. I rushed around to make sure the apt. would be ok to be empty for four days, packed up Mr. Kitty and headed out to pick up the boys. I picked them up and filled my already full car with their stuff and then we headed to MS.
Of course, we had to stop because we were all three hungry, so the golden arches saved the moment and we were back on the road in a jiffy. Forty minutes into the trip, I hear a thumpthumpthump...oh no flat tire! So I start slowing down to pull over and as I was pulling to the side it blew! I get out, telling Mr. Nephew to not get out under penalty of death lol and move to see the damage.
That tire was not just flat it was mutilated! I had left pieces of retred down the road like my little Ford thought it was an eighteen wheeler. So not knowing whether to laugh or cry, I started pulling things from the overstuffed trunk to get down to the spare and jack.
Now though I have Froofroo as one of my personalities I like to think I am not a
totally wimpy girl so I "rolled up my sleeves" and set to changing the tire. I knew what to do I was just worried about when I got to the lugnuts of whether I would be able to loosen them.
I was managing to stay calm because it was nerve wracking to have two children and a cat in a car with a obliverated tire on the side of the interstate where cars where flying past at killer speeds. I had to laugh because I have never had this happen and the one time is did...I had two kids and a cat in my car! LOL
I was to the lugnuts part, trying to figure out how to gain that adrenaline super human strength you see in the movies when a truck pulled up behind my car. I must say I was so relieved when the man got out of the truck and came over to help. What a lifesaver!
He changed the tire alot faster and more accurately than I probably ever could have so I was so greatful.
So I loaded back into the car, breathed a sigh of relief then started for MS again with Mr. Nephew commenting that "cars never get flats". "Why do we have to go slower than everybody else?" and "why are both of your blinkers on?" Explaining flats, hazard lights, and speed for spares to a five year old was amazingly something I had yet to do even in my vast experience with children the last ten years. Now I have!
So four hours from when we started we finally arrived in MS at the Parents/Grandparents house. It was orginally a two hour trip. Needless to say we were all (including the cat) ready and glad to get out of that car.
The best part....I got to buy myself 4 new tires for Christmas!

Luckily the rest of the weekend went flawlessly, had fun watching the boys open their presents, played games with Mr. Nephew, loved on Beautiful Baby, enjoyed time with The Mom and The Dad and then came home yesterday.

Now it is back to normal for a wee bit before this weekend and New Year!

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Breazy said...

sorry you had the flat but glad you got new tires and had a good Christmas!