Wednesday, November 1, 2006

A few days of Boo!

So settle back because this is going to be a long post. This story starts back on Sunday when I went to Boo at the zoo. The local zoo here has a two weekend run of "Boo at the Zoo" where the zoo is dressed for Halloween and they have a safe way for trick o treaters to get candy and where their costumes. Also on the last Sunday in the afternoon the state Symphony plays at the zoo. It was when I heard this that I decided what a fun way to combine to things I love in a unique way: music and animals.

I invited my friends but none were able to come so I, never afraid to do things alone, headed out by myself and reveled in the perfect weather for such an outing. It was free admission so I was excited. There were children everywhere! I could not take it all in because not only was I
at the zoo where beauty is everywhere in the form of plants and animals but on this day there were beautiful children everywhere as well. Some dressed as fairy princesses some as pirates, we even had a family of supermans.

The Symphony played a great collection of pieces, starting with the Sleeping Beauty Waltz for all the little princesses there and ended their performance with a song from the Pirates of the Carribbean which was awesome :)

Now lets skip forward to Tuesday, official day of Boo. I was very fortunate to get
a rare sighting of the cutest spiderman in the world and then not only was I allowed to have a picture but he let me go Trick o Treating with him :)

And I found out something very interesting...Spiderman is related to Darth Vader! Is that not fascinating? I did not realize this because there is such a broad difference in not only good and evil but looks, eras and everything but yes I
heard they are brothers in actuality and I was allowed a picture Darth minus his helmet....I did not realize Darth Vader is so cute!
How could that cute face be evil? Perhaps we have Darth Vader all wrong? Maybe he is really a big softy with asthma problems?
Well nonetheless this Darth Vader is a cutey and a sweetie in my book!

So after I was allowed the amazing time with both Spiderman and Darth Vader I headed back to my house to gussy up ...or should I say hussy up because I decided to dress as a Gothic hooker for the small get together my friends and I were having. The pictures don't show it well but I had three extra earrings and a nose ring, sapphire blue and dark purple eye shadow and fake tattoos lol. It definitely got a laugh and we had a grand time.

Here me and my Flapper friend were working the street corner when this cowboy came along wanting to have a good time in the city! LOL

Just kidding! Though we had a fun time playing around with these pictures. I had to make sure The Parents knew it was just us joking around not for real! LOL

And to end the already amazing Night of Boo, I saw ghosts! One that looked alot like me....ooooooo creepy!


Dude said...

Way cool. Look slike you had a blast. Wish I could have been on that corner.

Breazy said...

Cool ! It sounds like you had a good time. We had a good night as well !