Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Mahna Mahna

I saw this on Mark Leslie's blog and had to put it in my own since it is among my favorite of muppet songs. It always makes me smile whether it is the video or just the audio.
I have considered buying the Muppet Show dvds so my children will have something worth watching in the future. Ohh and couldn't forget Fraggle Rock!
Well not much to say today so I will post again later! If you have high speed enjoy the vid!


David said...

Awesome! Now I know where that song came from. My sister used to sing it all the time and I had know idea where she learned it. LOL. I did love the muppets growing up and watched them frequently and saw all their movies. Thanks for the nostalgia. Have a great day qt. Yeah, I said that. So? :)

Mellissa said...

Oh Yipee - I finally found your Blog!!

xoxo, and I will be back!


Mellissa said...

I have soo emailed that little video to my friends.

That is one of my FAV's.