Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Hey everybody!

Just a quick post to say please be patient with me as I am reconstructing my template and things may be abit wacky over the next few days!


The Imp


TJ said...

I like the aquatic look. -T

Mark Leslie said...

Me too. I love the shimmering water background - so summery! Ahh, I feel rested, relaxed now, almost like I had a summer vacation. Thanks for that.

Richard said...

I refuse to be patient and reserve my right to gripe and complain about the delays, wackiness and general inconvenience of the website reconstruction. Mostly because I am a creature of habit and as a general rule oppose change in any shape form or fashion.

BTW, my word verification word is Modak. I don't think it is a word, but it should be. Its just fun to say.

Richard said...

Actually is a word, or a dessert. See below:

Modak, also called modagam, is a sweet dish which originated in the Indian state of Maharashtra.

Usually, modaks are made with an outer crust of rice flour, and a filling of coconut (sweetened with jaggery or, sometimes, sugar). Modaks are then steamed with turmeric leaves for aroma, and are served either hot or cold. Sometimes they are also deep-fried to increase their shelf life.

It is considered to be the favorite food item of Lord Ganesh. It is customary to offer twenty-one or hundred-and-eight modaks to Lord Ganesh