Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ohhhh I know they didn't!

So there I was enjoying my Wednesday morning, reading e-mail then my favorite blogs when I came to Mark Leslie's blog. I always enjoy his content but today it made me nauseous. No fault of his though and I will explain why.

Do you like the movie Titanic? If you do, stop reading now. If you don't, read on.

I will admit, I like the graphics, when the guys playing the instruments keeping playing, and playing the Celine Dion song on the piano, but that is where it ends.

Ohhhhhhhhhhh that movie...the love story is vomit-inducing, hair pulling, teeth gnashing, eye scratching drivel that makes me lose my appettite just thinking about it. Even Froofroo finds nothing but dislike to that story. Now for the actual story of the Titanic it is a very sad and tragic thing and I think the movie had times, when they weren't gushing over the pansy-boy Jack and loose-skirts Rose, that it portrayed the tragic side very well.

I remember the big deal about it and all the hooplah that came before and after its release in the theatres. The famous quote of that year was "I'm the King of the World!" Bleh! My friends who knew me during that period will easily say "Don't get her started!" when it comes to discussing this movie. Here are the top five things that bug me:

1. Rose says as she is holding Jack "I will never let go Jack, I will never let go!" to which she promptly follows with letting him go and blublublub down he sinks. UGH!

2. Throwing the necklace in the water. I am sorry I don't care what sentimental value it has, that necklace is worth millions and could be used to feed hungry children or something more productive then dropping it into the ocean, sure she had practice with letting things drop in the ocean (remember Jack from above) but that does not excuse her!

3. First let me say I do not in any fashion condone promiscuity, but for heavens sake, you are on a ship the size of a city and the only place you can find is the back of a car!!!!! Be creative for heavens sake!

4. All the pictures at the end of the movie with her having "done" all this stuff, ok was the early 1900's and the view on women was still abit skewed. After she got herself off the boat into America, how did she get all the money to do all those things, and why was she in every picture alone? (I will give room for mistake here, I must say I may not be right about her being alone in all pictures, I did not scrutinize the movie that closely) but point in case is...Give me a break! She turned down the rich guy for pansy-boy's last name so she would have had to been busting her butt just to earn a living. (and we know she didnt sell the necklace for money)

5. Why didn't she stay in the lifeboat? Who was she helping by getting back on the boat? Jack might have lived if he hadn't been busy trying to keep her alive. I mean I don't like pansy-boy but I am not so coldhearted that if he had a way to live to deny him that.

So you have just a taste on how I view this movie or moreso the "love story" of this movie. So why all this ranting, you ask? Because of what I read on Mark Leslie's blog:
I am not sure if it is for real or just a joke, but either way....I KNOW THEY DIDN"T! It is bad enough we had the first one and now this! OY OY OY OY! It is like a bad nightmare that you keeping having, pansy boy returns from the dead...ahhhh!!
I hope this trailer is a joke because if they actually spent money to make this movie, then Hollywood is hurting alot more than I thought.


Richard said...

I have always refused to watch that movie and your post just reinforces my stand. Harrison Ford and I may be the only two Americans who have never seen that movie. (See Harrison Ford's interview with Oprah several years ago) I try to keep abreast of most movie news and rumors and I pray this is a joke. Surely it is.

Sheri said...

It's definitely a joke but I sure loved reading your post! I felt the same way seeing the movie and some of the parts you mentioned. Did Rose never see her mother again?

David said...

Ok, first off, why did the sub computer screen have the date 11/05/1955? I assume it's the date because it's next to the time, and they have to record the date on it, right? Then, this technology was not around in 1955, enough said. Then, we all know by now people can't be preserved in ice, alive! He died before he sank anyway. He was dead. At least in her expertise, lol. The rest i'll just let see because I'm sick enough of talking about this #@$# as it is. Bleh, if it is real, it's a NEVER see movie!

Breazy said...

Hey Ameratis! Sorry I haven't been here in a while but life has been so busy ! Anyways, I like the movie Titanic but I don't like that they put a fake love story in it . I have to agree with everything you mentioned above. I like movies such as Titanic to be based on as much fact as possible instead of adding this or that . The sad thing is that there are people out in the world that really believe Rose & Jack lived ! hehe

Mellissa said...

o.k. you are totally cracking me up!!

I remember, way back when, going to see this drudgery of a movie.

When I came home, my then husband said "well?" and I said..

"One hour of sailing and two hours of sinking...."

That about sums it up for me.

Dumb movie.