Saturday, January 28, 2006

The J sisters

Well Ladies and Gentlemen it is time for the Imp to introduce you to the last two unmentioned personalities: Jaded and Jealous.

Jaded and Jealous are the younger twin sisters of Jacqui. Now these sisters only wreak havoc so therefore they are kept under lock and key. Very rarely, sometimes with years in between, a situation in life will happen that magically unlocks the lock and they burst out in full force. Today was one of those days.

Now let me first give alittle background because it is needed to understand the J twins. This Imp has been blessed with parents who made sure I had a self image that rivaled most adults. I was raised in a positive atmosphere with the self confidence needed to face life. I can do anything I put my mind to was the motto of my household. I am also blessed with a personality that is optimistic and shruggs things off easily. Because of this thought pattern and personality, I have rarely ever been jealous or jaded. Hence the sisters being kept locked away except for very very rare occasions.

Indeed I had actually almost forgotten they exist because it has been a year or more since I had a brief stint with them surfacing, so it was much to my surprise when they were able to get free today to wreak their usual havoc.

Now being the older sister, Jacqui is usually not far behind them with her tools to chip away at the stated optimism and self image and today she went to work immediately after the twins were freed from their arrest.

Warnings, alarms, bells, Narco waking with a scream, Froofroo crying her eyes out, Snap cursing like a sailor, chaos reigning amongst all of us that are the Imp, with the Imp trying to keep control. It was such a sudden attack that there was not much time to react. This Imp worked hard and fast to calm everyone and work on extricating ourselves from the situation which had magically unlocked the sisters.

Once removed from the situation, the true battle began. The J sisters fight fast, hard, and mean. There is no honor in the way they fight and it is a major battle. Jealous jumps to the frontline and stabs at Froofroo spouting nasty barbs , bringing up past pains that only make Froofroo cry more (Froofroo is not a good fighter). Unfortunately Snap is of a weak constitution so at times like these she is not much help and she tends to slowly side with the J sisters. She just started ranting and raving about why this happened and how they got out which was no use to the battle. This Imp dashed in front of Froofroo to fend off the barbs of Jealous as Jaded attacked Narco who really isnt any good fighting because of the constant sleepiness. Jacqui kept in the background chipping away as Snap just became angrier and angrier, the twins throwing well thrown and planned barbs. They know exactly what to say, which barbs to throw, and how to attack.

Now here I must pause in the battle scene to say that just three months this point in the battle....this Imp would have lost. Jacqui would have reigned with Jaded and Jealous backing her up. But I must credit my friend Double for the testimony he gave last night because it helped win the battle for this Imp today. I brandished my double edge sword of truth, paused for a moment to feel the silence and then attacked with flourish. It was an ugly battle with pain, hatred, and darkness opressing the air in swirling confusing motions about us as we fought.

Alas though...Victory! Yes we had victory, with power given to us by the One who is stronger, we were able to fight the J sisters back into their locked room and put extra locks in place. A peace was restored to us as we all stumbled to our knees in exhaustion. Froofroo stopped crying, Snap calmed down, and Narco is sleeping peacefully....and though we are all injured and all still very much hurt, we have won the battle and will press forward to what is in store for the future.

"The Lord is good, a refuge in in time of trouble. He cares for those who trust in Him." Nahum1:7

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the LORD, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. " Jeremiah29:11

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