Wednesday, December 14, 2005

The Jacqui Experience

Serious...something this Imp is rarely seen to be. Today seemed to produce a serious mood though, the rain I think probably encouraged such a mood as well. I should have been happy and excited as usual, nothing terrible happened. My day at work went well and the boss lady was nice enough to pick up the boys early so that we could get back to town earlier so I could make it to church on time, which I did, for the Christmas service.
On the way from work to my car, my mood deteriorated quickly. Naught happened to make it so, it just did. Then traffic from my car to church did not help, upon arriving at church had to park in the next county and walk in the rain (where is my umbrella? good question!) yet I am still trying to be positive and lift my mood. Upon entering the church am relieved to note service has not started, yay I am not late. No room! Nope not talking about the Inn, am talking about the pews, no room with my friends which brought the mood down another notch, luckily at the last minute I spot a friend who has a spot beside him open.
The music was wonderful. The child with the big mouth behind me was not! I used to be a nanny, I know kids will be kids, but I was more upset at the mother who was letting him talk outright during the service and ruin worship for those around. I tried to make sure I only glared once....or twice. Would Jesus glare? Most likely not....(le sigh) mood is brought down yet another notch.
But then they sang Majesty and Glory....what a powerful piece of music, between that and the song Cornerstone, I could sing forever. And sing I did....I tried to keep it quiet so not to bother those around me, but I had to sing, the loud child, bad mood forgotten for a moment as the notes and words wrapped around me in a uplifting moment of worship. Then acapella singing of Christmas carols......oh how grand! Ok perhaps mood is lifting.....then oh this Imp gets to smile that secret smile again, it felt good to smile. This is good, mood is lifting slowly from the dredges within which it had plunged.
On to coffee at Cambridge with the group, oh this will be good, laughter always helps the mood lift. Hmmm the usual jokes are not so funny tonight. Ouch that one hurt....they are not supposed to hurt....oh dear the mood is in much worse shape than this Imp thought.

Silence. Retreat. Snap, go sit back down, no it is not your turn to speak. Why is Noshy crying, someone tell her it is just the mood.

I can still laugh, that is good, means mood is not totally in the depths of yuck. How strange to not be part of a lively conversation, to be an outsider looking in at the laughter and puns. Perhaps it is the rain? Nahh we like rain. It is just one of those days.

Time to go. Farewells bid and onward home. Many things to do before sleep can be sought. This Imp will be just one of those days.....just one of those days....


Dan said...

New day! Feeling more upbeat? I have been in a Jacqui-funk for about two-weeks. No real reason that I can think of. Weather? Impending move w/no official date? Getting sick? Too busy? Galleria/Hoover Traffic? I can't figure it out. I'm just tired a lot lately. Strange.

jackie said...

Okay, glad I'm not the only one. I just posted about this this morning...wierd that we are all kind of there right now...but I feel it lifting too. :)
finally wandered on over here to your make me smile.
hope today was better.

TJ said...

I miss you when you retreat. Sorry about your mood yesterday. I know the feeling. I'm just coming out of a six-week bout with something very similar. I'm glad today was better.
Much Love,

Ameratis said...

Ok then, we have all been through the Jacqui experience now time for us to perk up and have fun! We are, after all, surrounded by a great family of friends!

The Imp :)