Thursday, December 8, 2005

The Imp feels loved!

Ohhhhh tonight was a wonderfully, terrificly, absolutely excellent night! Twas the best night I have had doing the play because all my friends were there! A whole row of some of the bestest people in the world were there to cheer me on! Oh I was pinging off the walls before they got there I was so excited! Hoorah!! It was soooooo grand! I gave my secret smile again too! Ha ha! I am feeling so absolutely loved at the moment I am too excited to go to bed! Hoorah Hoorah Hoorah!! A special thanks to all my friends who read this crazy Imp's musings that came and cheered for me at my play tonight! Much love to you all!!


bsoholic said...


Dan said...

I'm glad you had such a good night! I had a blast - hilarious. In the words of my great-grandfather: "Vous avez de la ciboulette sur votre dent. Ces poissons, ils sont mort d'irradiation. Oui, J'ai faim, Vive l'Algerie, Quelle maison austere, Ça fait un peu boui-boui, mais il y a de la jolie moisissure." But you knew all that.

You rocked the casbah.

TJ said...

It was pure joy for me to see you on stage. You are beautiful, talented, and just crazy enough to be truly wonderful! I'm glad we all got to come see you, for our sakes as much as yours. The show was hilarious and I wouldn't have missed it for the world. You are truly a shining star! I love you, Babe!
Your ever-adoring fan,

Ameratis said...

You are so right Dan! I must say that inspires the words of my own great grandfather. "Je ne peux pas permettre une brosse à dents. La ciboulette a le style. Je regrette la pluie sur mon chapeau. J'aime manger des pommes de terre." Such wise men are gret grandfather's were! Glad you enjoyed the show!

The Imp

Ameratis said...

Thanks babes! Glad ya came, laughed and loved it! It was such a pleasure to act for such a crowd! Keeping rocking!

The Imp

Julie Ann said...

You know I love ya, already commented on the play in your last post, and I am noticing you keep mentioning a secret smile given. What's up with that? Does it work? Who's the recipient? As if you'll tell!
I want some of that mojo! Hah!