Thursday, December 1, 2005

Count Down Until....

Oy Oy Oy! Is it December already! Another year that has flown past this Imp before she could even really blink. So much has happened to this Imp this year! Graduated college, moved to a new city, started a new career, have made lots of new friends, seen her bestest girl friend married to a wonderful man, had a new nephew added to the family, shuts many doors and opened just as many, even jumped through a few windows that opened instead of doors. It has been amazing! To think there is still a month left for more things to happen before we close 2005.
This Imp is in full Christmas swing now so she has decided to start a 25 day countdown to Christmas. With everyday we will post how many days left and some small trivia about Christmas. So for today:

24 Days left til Christmas
Christmas Tradition:
The ancient Druids believed that holly was sacred, probably because it was evergreen and, therefore, favored by the sun. And since being sacred meant being inhabited by spirits, the Druids brought holly branches indoors in winter to give the spirits shelter from the hardships outside. Holly was also believed to have magical powers to drive demons away. Centuries later, northern Europeans considered holly to be a good-luck charm against the hostile forces of nature. When sprigs of holly were tied to bed posts, it was believed to guard against ghosts and demons, the voices of which could be heard screaming out in the winter winds and storms. An old English tale declares that, for the sake of marital harmony in a home, "he holly" (that with prickles on its leaves) and "she holly" (that with smooth-edged leaves) must be brought into the house at the same time. If only one gender of holly is brought into the home or if one is brought into the home before the other, the corresponding gender spouse will rule the home
And this Imp just saw every male writing that down for future use! Ha ha! Just teasing fellows. Well no funny Walmart or typical male stories today...I know I know...I apologize :( Tonight is show night! We have six more shows until the play closes!
Well time to go, for now this Imp must say au revoir! Hugs and kisses to all my friends!


bsoholic said...

Interesting story of holly. Wonder what the deal with kissing under mistletoe is?

Ameratis said...

Good question BS :) I will have to include that in one of the days. Perhaps tomorrow's Christmas trivia.