Monday, November 28, 2005


sihT pmI saw gnikniht woh looc ti dluow eb ot etirw gnihtyreve sdrawkcab yadot. I saw dezama ta woh ysae ti yllautca saw ot od.

But is does make it hard on the readers eyes abit so I guess I will not do the whole post in such a fashion for there is much to say and little time in which to say it!
Soooooo I survived the shopping and actually bought a few things, much to everyone's amazement and Froofroo's delight. We went very, very early....way too early for a Saturday morning but hence missed the chaotic crowds which began to form as we were leaving. It was strange to shop in a somewhat peaceful state on the Saturday after T-day and it truly amazed this Imp....the aunt and cousins planned well!

The fun actually started after the shopping when this Imp went to a gun show with a couple of her male friends. Oh what a true display of heightened levels of testoerone! Not five seconds inside the door and three of the five males present with this Imp get this bugged eye, slack jaw, dumb-stricken, slobbering look on their faces in a simultaneous manner that could not have been coordinated consciously if they had tried. It took but one second later for this Imp to spot the reason for this look, it came in the form of three Barbie's dressed in orange wind suits that were slightly painted on (a concept this Imp finds fascinating within itself because wind suits are usually baggy) and the swish and sway of not only the fabric but the hips that the fabric covered as the blonde trio passed through the drooling zombies with that unconscious flick of hair and haughty upturn of nose. It was hilarious! This Imp burst into laughter, absolutely beyond amused at the looks and the image that the zombied men were seeing this all in movie-slow motion, their minds going...Uh duh...uh duh! And what was the classic first thing said: Hooter girls! Now this is a gun show!

Soooooo this was something the Imp had missed (for obvious reasons) the Barbies were Hooter girls, which would explain the bright orange worn. Cue more laughter. Oh classic! One of the males even joshed about "Hadn't the Imp interviewed at Hooters?" to which the reply was given "Yes but this Imp failed for I had an "A" and you must have a "C" or "D" to pass at Hooters!" Oh roll on the floor, I do amuse myself at times! Only one of the males got the joke without it having to be further explained. Of course this Imp has never really interviewed there because for one: this Imp would make a horrible server because first person to be rude at the wrong time and personality # 3 would surface: Snap...quite sarcastic and evil, lible to dump food or such in a person's lap..yes Snap is not often allowed to surface but a job in the food service just might do that. Second: This Imp would absolutely not be caught dead in the Hooter's uniform! *Above picture depict actual size of uniform given LOL

Back to the gun show: It was a grand fun and this Imp saw many nice guns, quite a few to fit within a small impish hand, but alas the budget cannot afford one yet. So window shopping was to be had and then after a while we all left in good spirits and enjoyment. The only downbit or missplay of that day would be the stamp given upon entrance to the show was a bright blue stamp of the word "Gun" which would not come off despite various scrubbings and methods of extraction so this Imp had to makeup her hand for the play that night so people wouldn't have to see "Gun" or "Nug" on her hand whilst enjoying the play! Ha ha!

This Imp is pondering on fluffing the naked tree abit more tonight and perhaps decorating it abit....though am wondering if I can hold out but two more days until it is officially December....but then I will be doing plays again and time is a factor...since it is after T-day I think it is safe to begin decorating the poor naked tree. Hmm we shall see.

OHHH the grand news! This Imp has started a new blog for her fictional writings! It is called WritingsoftheImp ! So give it a check, though I have only posted once for am still deciding which fictional piece with which to begin!

Well I must go for now...for the usual! Mind-numbing, eye-crossing, temple-aching work here I come!

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Breazy said...

Hey Ameratis! I have been wanting to visit your blog since you commented on my tag board but you didn't leave your url . I am soooo glad you came back and commented on my blog ! If you don't mind I would like to link both of your blogs ? :)