Monday, November 14, 2005

Much to catch up!

So the show opened last Thursday night! The first night went great though I messed up the French song abit but was able to cover it. Then Friday night, this Imp's parent's were in town and able to see the show! Messed up the French song abit Friday night as well though covered it again. Saturday night, I nailed it! Perhaps it was the cute guy in the front row that inspired perfection in delivery! So now we wait til next show this Thursday.

Had a great weekend. Friday night went to the bowling alley after the show to meet up with the s.s. class and hang out. Then went to the IHOP to eat at midnight, always fun! Most were tired and on to home and bed after that but some of us just weren't tired so we went to BellBottoms, a rather ok dance place here where the Imp lives. It was quite amusing to this Imp to watch the males who went with as they gawked, gaped, drooled, and fawned over the skimpy, no-imagination needed, dressed girls within the club. One quite buxom fake blonde kept coming over and telling this Imp to "tell yer man 'Roll Tide' " Now for those unfamiliar...this is the statement for University of Alabama football fans. Football is a major thing here in the States and for sure so here in the south. Rivalry is big between schools, though this Imp has yet to fully understand the wonder of men in tight pants, running up and down numbered grass whilst trying to get a ball and kill each other.

So needless to say when the woman kept telling me to "tell my man" who isn't my man "Roll Tide" I just laughed. My friend was wearing an Auburn hat (Alabama's big rival) There are advantages to being neutral when it comes to teams. I danced some and had a good time watching the drunk people dance. This Imp does not drink so it is quite amusing to be in a sober state amongst very sloshed people. My friends were sober as well but alas they are male so automatically amusing in their perusal of the opposite sex. This Imp noted the stereotypical taste in blonde (though a few other colors were noted, the males were not totally discriminatory), voluptuous, slender, clothes painted on or almost off variety that seemed to incite more drool then others on the dance floor.

Quite a few times one of the males tried to break his neck looking around this Imp at yet another denim painted ass swishing and swaying. A step was taken to the side to clear his view with a comment that if he were on the dance floor I would not be blocking his view. Then I commented on her sunglasses worn in the very dark club and he noted back that he hadn't reached that high on her figure yet. Typical male!
Fortunately for this Imp, all guys know the color of my eyes! That means, of course, that my "distractions" that would normally keep a guy from continuing his gaze upward to my eyes are too small to truly distract in such a manner. Ha! That is lucky for me because I will not have back problems when I am older, I can wear any shirt I want, guys will look me in the eyes when talking to me, and I know if a guy likes me it is not for those! So this Imp was not abit insulted at the comment though I did roll my eyes for the pure fact of typical male side surfacing momentarily.

One girl was quite aggressive in her drunken state and quite humorous to watch especially when she tried to hit on a very much gay male. Barking up the wrong tree honey! She did not care though because she barked up at least six or seven more trees in the next thirty minutes or so. Though amusing it was actually quite sad as well. Why does one have to get drunk and throw themselves around like a dirty rag just for a "good time". I did not drink a drop, danced, and kept my hands to myself and other's hand away from me and had a grand time! I hope I never get to a point in life where I have to get sloshed and throw myself at any thing that is male to have a good time.

So despite all I had a fabulous time and ended up not getting home til 5am where I crashed in bed and save for waking for one phone call around 3 in the afternoon I slept until 5:58pm and it was great! Made up for the loss of sleep that had occurred during week. Had a great Sunday and tonight I get to go straight rehearsal...whoohoo!!


TJ said...

GIRL! God bless Birmingham- The Imp has arrived!

Anonymous said...

Let's just say that TM and I were looking at your blog and both about fell to the floor when read you were out until 5am and slept until 6pm! Girl you are crazy funny.

The Imp has spoken - long live Jambi.

Anonymous said...

Imp, you are going dancing with me for my birthday...I need your energy.....5 AM????Wow, my head almost hit my pumpking pancakes plate @ 12:30! Glad you got your groove on, save some for next month!

Ameratis said...

Ohh readers! Welcome...welcome..thanks for the comments, love and hugs to all! Yes will go dancing anytime but especially for birthdays! Mine is next month so we can have a double bash!
Someone must explain what Jambi is to this Imp!

TJ said...

I am excited to hear that your birthday is soon. We shall have to party like it's 1999! Can't help with Jambi. I didn't get it either. Oh, well, smile and nodd, right?