Monday, October 3, 2005


It is amazing that I have at least a thousand channels on my T.V. yet there is not a thing on to watch that is interesting or that I haven't seen many times. Last night, I am sitting on the futon one hand on the keyboard of the computer, the other holding the remote and I must say it was very sad. Nothing! I finally settled on a movie called Darkness. I think it was showing on StarzE, anyone seen it? Good grief! I have been known to be a ditz at times...but what was the point of that movie? I mean something about seven children, three old fashion crossdressers in sunglasses, and really bad acting was what I was able to gleen from it.
Ok so this Imp just had to rant about that for abit. I will try not to get started on I'Robot being shown for the one hundred thousandth time!

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The Baz said...

The TV is bad in Britain too.. I never watch it anymore. It insults my intelligence too much and I get much more satisfaction from books and music and... etc!